An Epic Workout for Bigger Shoulders and Arms That You Can Do At Home

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Getting bigger arms is a goal that pretty much every bodybuilder and pretty much every bloke share in common. While you can talk about ‘functional muscle’ until you’re blue in the face, the fact of the matter is that big arms are what people tend to notice when they first meet you and are what make you feel like an unstoppable monster. If you have noodle arms, then don’t expect to be taken seriously!


The good news though is that arms are relatively easy to train with just dumbbells. That in turn means you can train them from home without needing any fancy equipment. You’ve just got to choose the right exercises and train in a way that triggers response.


The following workout will help you with just that…


Perform the following with no breaks and superset everything where suitable.


Supine Incline Dumbbell Front Raises

3 x {10-12 at 2011 tempo}

This workout hits the anterior deltoids in a manner that completely eliminates any momentum and makes this truly a ‘one joint’ exercise.


To perform these, sit on an incline bench leaning slightly backwards and hold dumbbells in either hand dangling straight down by your sides. From there, you’re then going to raise your arms directly upwards as a normal front raise.


Prone Incline Dumbbell Front Raise

3 x {10-12 at 2011}

This is the same movement but slightly prone (almost horizontal) with your palms facing downward.


Seated Flat Front Raises

3 x {10-12 at 2011)

Another front raise, this time seated and again with the palms up (supinated). This hits the anterior delts but also makes it a bicep workout thanks to the underhand grip.


Supine Incline DB Zottman Curls

3 x {10-12 at 2011}

Sitting back on a bench that’s partially raised, you’ll now be performing Zottman curls – curls that include a change in grip and move from neutral grip to pronated. In other words, your arms twist at the top which works the inside and outside of the biceps as well as the forearms.


Prone Incline DB Spider Curls

3 x {10-12 at 2011}

Spider curls involve lying against a slight incline bench with your arms hanging in front and then curling. Essentially this is another way to isolate the biceps.


Seated 2 Arm Dumbbell Triceps Extension

3 x {10-12 at 3010}

While seated, extend the dumbbell over head holding it in both hands. Of course you can’t do an arms workout without paying equal attention to your triceps!


Decline Dumbbell Triceps Extension

3 x {10-12 at 3010}

Now on a decline, continue with tricep extensions.


Flat DB Tricep Extension

3 x {10-12 at 3010}

Now finish off with the same movement, ling flat on a bench. In other words this is basically a skull crusher and by changing the angle so many times you’ll have perfectly hit your triceps from every angle. Note that we did the same for the biceps and anterior deltoids to give you a full and powerful pump all throughout the muscle!

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