A Home Chest Workout Challenge Only for the Brave!

home chest workout

Working out from home is faster and more convenient as compared with training in the gym. It means you don’t have to travel anywhere, it means you never have to wait for a piece of equipment and it means you can train without worrying about what other people think.

But there are downsides to working out at home too. And one of the biggest of these is the simple fact that the workouts tend not to be as gruelling.


Because it’s hard to have a gruelling workout without all the equipment you get in the gym and because it’s hard to motivate yourself into a truly punishing regime when the sofa is so tantalizingly near…

But you can get a brutal workout from home as Mike Chang often demonstrates on his channel. Here is one example of a chest workout that is simply punishing.

And as ever, a lot of the exercises are things you won’t be used to seeing.


The Routine

This workout is based largely around press ups but it keeps switching things up to increase the difficulty and to take you past your normal limits.

To begin with then, you’re going to perform just 15 reps of standard press ups. Maintain good form throughout and don’t go too fast or slow.

Now, with very minimal rest (no rest ideally), move straight onto 15 reps of wide press ups. This means your arms will be spread wider, thereby training the outer edges of your pecs and improving your range of motion.

Now fifteen more with your hands pointing out which will subtly alter the focus of the tension and weight.

At this point, the outer edges of your pecs will be brutalized. But we’re not calling it quits just there! Now you’re going to bring your hands in close together, which will switch the focus onto the inner edges of the pecs. By changing in this way, you should be able to carry on – but it will probably be pretty difficult!

Next up: hopping press ups. This means you’ll be jumping out of press up position and off the ground. Unlike clapping press ups or other ‘explosive’ press ups though, you’re not going to be bending your arms and launching yourself.

This is literally just a hop: so you’re using only a partial range of motion with your arms mostly straight and you’re trying to generate enough explosive power through just that small movement.

Finally, alligator crawls. These will have you walking along the floor on hands and feet. Start in press up position, then step forward once, bring a knee up to your elbow and then repeat on the other side. Take 15 steps on either side.

Now take a short rest and then repeat for three rounds.

You should find that this routine is enough to get the chest really pounding and all you needed was your hands and a solid floor.

To recap, the sequence was:

  • Standard push ups
  • Wide push ups
  • Wide push ups with hands pointing out
  • Close push ups
  • Hopping push ups
  • Alligator crawls

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