7 Healthy & Tasty Junk Food Items For Gaining Muscle Mass

junk Foods To Gain Muscle Mass For BodyBuilding and fitness

There are number of articles you have come across with the titles like: “best muscle building food”, “7 best muscle building foods ever”, “build muscles fast with these healthy foods” etc.  Such titles are everywhere. Same foods are mentioned for muscle mass from time to time.

Now, it’s quite boring. Isn’t it? So this time we have brought you something very different.

Undoubtedly, all the healthy foods are great and they do help you in gaining bulk muscles and weight. But, what about gaining weight and muscle mass whilst eating junk foods. Have you ever given a thought of what if you will be able to build muscles or get jacked merely by eating junk foods!

That surely sounds interesting.

Well, yes! In this article we are going to put our spin on certain junk food items that will help you in building muscle mass and getting jacked.

All the food items mentioned in this blog ensures that you get all the essential micro-nutrients and calories per servings that are required to build muscle mass and to gain weight.


Here’s how to Build Muscle Mass With Fast Food

Without any further ado, we bring you 7 junk foods to help you get jacked and build muscle mass.


7 Junk Foods for Bodybuilding 

  1. Chocolate milk

take Chocolate Milk after Workouts or Post-Exercise

It is one of the favorite drinks of every individual which is cost effective and best post workout drinks. It has great carb ratio with hefty amounts of Vitamin B, calcium, phosphorus and Vitamin D. This is a perfect recovery drink for you to get jacked fitting into your budget.

This drink is not just affordable but delicious as well that everyone loves to drink it. It contains a good amount of carbs, proteins and micro-nutrients. There is nothing that you won’t like about this drink.


  1. Bagels

Wheat Bagel to gain muscle mass

Bagels are extremely underestimated food item which can be a great source for building muscle mass. Bagels probably will be the first food that I would personally like to throw in my trolley if I am looking to pack some muscles on. The reason is that they are pure convenience and full of taste.

Each bagel contains approx 200 calories that will bring you closer to your calorie need to get jacked. It is also protein content. It is also full of fibre. So if you are looking to get jacked and put muscle mass then this could also be your choice.


  1. Pizza


Needless to say, its name is enough to define its lovers all around the world. There are countless ways to customize pizza to fit into your muscle mass goals. Go for ultra thin crust pizza for less carbs. A reduced fat mozzarella for less fat. And protein rich toppings for more proteins.

If you are trying to eat over 3000 calories in a day and looking to build muscles, you can consume few slices of pizza that will help you gain weight and muscle mass.


  1. Subway

subway- good source of protein

Subway is really a fantastic alternative if you are eating out and watching your food intake with calories. Some of its subs can be of great help with your muscle building goals. They will help you in achieving good amount of calories and decent amount of protein all at the same time.

For instance, classic turkey and ham sub are some of its food items that will help you gain weight and muscle mass. Also, you can tweak and customize depending upon your goals and calorie targets.


  1. Burgers

MUSCLE BURGERS! | The Hamburger Man

Another most efficient and time saving ways to consume more calorie is eating burgers. In order to consume more calories, consume more fat. Fat is the most calorie dense macro-nutrient.

The better way to get more calories is a nice juicy burger. It is fantastic way to up your calorie level for the day along with it, you will get decent amount of protein as well.


  1. Ice cream

Best Ice Cream for Getting Jacked

It is personal favorite food item of almost all people. If you want to get hijacked and become big then get some ice-cream. You consume huge amount of calories per serving. Additionally, you get decent amount of carbs per serving as well.

Carbs are very important to get jacked. This will help you build muscle mass as well as get jacked. So eat ice-creams because you love it and because you can gain muscle mass along with jacked body.


  1. Pop-tarts

Protein Pop-Tart Cakes!

This food item has its fair amount of stigma attached to it. People say that they got lean after eating pop-tarts. But this is just not the case. If you are eating any processed junk food item that fits into your calorie for the day and in absolute moderate way then it is not a huge problem.

So if you are looking to build muscle mass and get jacked then pop-tarts can literally help. It is a wonderful pre workout snack before hitting the gym. Pop-tart has decent amount of calories, healthy dose of carbs plus caffeine to give you kick in the right direction.

There you have it-7 junk foods for getting jacked and build muscle mass. All the foods in some form help you in achieving your goals. The goal here is to build muscle mass and get jacked and for that, you need calories. These 7 foods will be extremely helpful for you to get sufficient calories along with muscle gain.

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