How to Increase Your Testosterone 20% in Less Than 2 Minutes!

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Got 2 minutes?

Great. Because in the time it will probably take you to read the rest of this article, you can take advantage of a scientifically verified method to increase your testosterone. How does that sound?

Right now your mind is probably racing through all the things it might be: eating some kind of food perhaps? Doing a workout?

Nope, it’s easier than either of those things and a lot stranger too. Guess you’re going to have to read on!


The Power of Body Language

The vast majority of human communication is non-verbal. And I do mean the ‘vast’ majority. As in, it’s well over 98%.

While it’s important to say what you mean and mean what you say, the people you communicate with will actually get much more idea of what you really mean by looking at the way you gesticulate (and listening to the tone of your voice a lot of the time too).

Much of this communication will remain unconscious too. For instance, the ‘alpha male’ in the room will instantly be apparent from their body language even if we don’t know why.

This is most obvious in the animal kingdom and especially when observing animals like baboons. A baboon will often display dominance for instance by holding its breath, causing its chest to expand. Now of course the way that humans do this is a little different…

What’s a sign that a human can use to demonstrate to show that they’re alpha? Generally it involves taking up more space but without the breath holding (because that’s weird). For instance, a business man in a meeting might cross his fingers behind his head, throw his leg over his knee and then lean back in his chair.

Not only does this take up more space (thus making him appear larger and more dominant) but it also exposes him thereby demonstrating that he is confident and unafraid of the other males in the room.

And this is where things get interesting. We all know that the alpha male is the one with the most testosterone so if alpha-male-ism(ness) is correlated with posture, so too must be testosterone. And indeed bodylanguage is correlated with testosterone and each affects the other.

Your bodylanguage can demonstrate testosterone, but what’s more it can also actually influence your T levels. Studies have shown that simply by assuming a dominant pose, you can increase your testosterone by as much as 20% in 2 minutes!

body language and postures to boost testosterone

The V Position

So what’s the best pose to take up if you want to boost your testosterone? Actually that would be to assume the ‘victory’ pose by putting your hands up in the air in a V shape as though you were running across a finish line and winning a race.

This position has been shown in many studies to be a universal sign of victory across cultures and languages and to be one of the very most effective ways to instantly increase your testosterone. Try it in the mirror next time before you hit the gym!

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